1991 Honda Accord WHITE
Owner: john hinson (johnhinson)
Date Added: 11/19/2006
Date Updated: 09/05/2007
Ride Specs

H22A type s

223 whp @ 7200


reverse glow gauges
92 accord lx interior tan and black
mugen black 3 point race harnesses


jdm front bumper
carbon fiber front lip
all reds


17" tenxo r wheels wrapped in some pirellis

^getting rid of those and getting some 15's


tein s tech springs being installed in two weeks


all kenwood components

Future Mods

15" rotas
cf hood,trunk

Posted By: Sivik
Date: 08/31/2007
mo pics plz i feel i havent seen the whole car. i wanted h series before i got my b. nice ride homie...

Posted By: Adam C.
Date: 08/30/2007
Thanks for the compliments on my page. I had a good friend of mine paint the rims for me. Your car looks damn clean!!........ KEEP IT CLEAN!!

Posted By: horrse
Date: 08/28/2007
The cluster is from a 94-2001 integra. To install it into your 94 hatch you'll need either integra or 96-2000 civic plugs/wiring harness. Then you just got to wire it up. You can find wiring diagrams on honda-tech.

Posted By: Blazeteck
Date: 07/26/2007
hey man thanks for checking out my ride. your car looks real clean. almost looks stock. if you had a LX i would have sold you my black Interior parts but since you have a dx it wont work. you can make the interior nicer with little work. if you need some help let me know

Posted By: kevoweb
Date: 06/15/2007
i may post a couple pics of the interior. really not a lot to look at though.

Posted By: charlzy
Date: 05/30/2007
thanks for the comment.. i got the lip from abs dynamics, through someone on ebay

Posted By: Chris Styles
Date: 05/23/2007
i just got some amber paint from a japanese market in orange county... really cheap... but it does the job... lol

Posted By: endless
Date: 05/23/2007
hey nice ride! thanks for your complements on my ride

Posted By: Ex
Date: 05/19/2007
Sup bro..nice ride!check mine out! I just updated sum pics!later!

Posted By: cd6accrd
Date: 05/12/2007
wats up! so u got the h-bomb,huh. how does it feel? was the swap easy to do? i plan on swapping my motor to the h or the f20b dohc vtec,but it will be far in the future. did you ever figure out the hood if not then let me know and i will post pics on how to do it.


Posted By: flaco2
Date: 05/11/2007
im in florida wa wheels aee u interested in do u got paypal or suttin like dat and ill find out how much is shippin do u want the new tires or for les i got some really good used tires lmk if u want email me at djflaco2001@yahoo.com n ill send u pics just lmk who u are so i dont delete the message thinking its spam lol...

Posted By: inferno
Date: 05/06/2007
rbmotoring.com and jdmland.com

Posted By: flaco2
Date: 05/06/2007
yea i got some gold gt3's i also have some polished hx wheels , i have some black powder coated hx with polished lip i got a set of si's im sellin the ones on my car now 2007 ex wheels i have some clean ls meshes i got some 16's adr wheels all my rims are clean and all have good ass tires (toyo, dunlop, bfgoodrich, falcon) ***** like that..lmk and we can set something up with paypal or w/e...

Posted By: inferno
Date: 05/04/2007
there are a variety of japanese rims you can get for about as much as any other brand of wheel and a lot of them are for your lug pattern

Posted By: Chris Styles
Date: 05/01/2007
lol... i was around the area...

you live in jersey huh...? how is it out there?

Posted By: big_K_soda
Date: 04/30/2007
Sorry dude but someone already has purchased them... thanks foryour inquire though.

Posted By: Civic All Day
Date: 04/29/2007
You can get it right on ebay, My girl bought if for my b-day. I thought it was gunna suck because it was from ebay, but im impressed. It sounds nice. Like the m3 mirrors on your ride. like the rims keep it up

Posted By: dsenseney
Date: 04/29/2007
jc sport calalog

Posted By: inferno
Date: 04/29/2007

Posted By: cd6accrd
Date: 04/27/2007
wat up!! i will post a pic of it as soon i can. I used 8 washers. On the hinge thats connected to the hood, there are 2 bolts there. take the bottom bolt out(the one closest to the fender) and add as many washers as you want, put the bolt back on after adding the washers. Thats pretty much it!! If this didnt help just let me know.


Posted By: big_K_soda
Date: 04/26/2007
The only pictures I have right now are the ones with them installed on my car. But if you want I could take some pictures and email them to you.

Posted By: omenbmx7
Date: 04/26/2007
thanks a lot man. i used to have an accord just like yours, had 240,000 miles and drove like brand new! love the red and white tail lights

Posted By: Chris Styles
Date: 04/26/2007
located in irvine...

i keep thinkin your wheels are the mugens... just painted black...

where abouts are you?

Posted By: cd6accrd
Date: 04/16/2007
wats up!! i used washers the on the bottom bolt on the hinges to raise the hood up. use as many as u wantuntil u are satified w/ the height, the more u use the higher it goes!! one the major benefits of this is that it keeps your engine cooler during summer.


Date: 04/08/2007
I got the 94 Type R front - Mods were. cutting the two ends but not at the end but like 5 - 6 inches in towards the centre (on left and right side) becuase cutting in the middle will bring the outside wide and middle too close together - screwing up that Type R look....After the cutting on the sides of the lip, you place back on the ends with the "lip cap".Then mold it back to the rest of the lip. Summary, its more shorter on the ends but normal in the middle.

There are other ways but this method is cleaner IMO.

With a paint job and a nice drop your project will for sure look sick....you got the first step down which is DIRECTION & VISION.

Peace & Bless Bro.

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 04/08/2007
Ohh the EX rims? that i haveo n rightnow LOL well I got them form www.craigslist.com i got two sets of them for 75 bucks theone that had bad curb rashes n sctratches I painted them black and had them on my car for about a year I had a lot of great comments about them, a lot of ppl didnt even know it was the stock OEM EX rims for the accord, so that was really nice. and the second set I got nice and clean but the polish was really nice toobut iI hate having the center caps on themcuz it looks ghey tome so i took themoff to give it somewhat sportier look but the center has a nonpolish suface it was more like a grey plastic lookor something so I decided topaint them silver and its all in one color so it looks nice too. I hope you can find them their off of a 94-95 EX Accord. I just posted up a picture of the silver versionof the rims anda black version you can compare and pick how u like them tobe or pain them anyother color uyou want or leave it as it is.

Posted By: BigLu D@GOD
Date: 04/07/2007
i really dont like telling people where im from ut i be around why whats good.....holla at the god...... i just wating for the summer cuz that whem im really gonna do big things

i want to repaint the enitre front atlest this up and coming week... so i go look fresh....

Posted By: nspec
Date: 04/06/2007
thx for the comments. those wheels are stock.

i think u should go to ur local junkyard and get a front and rear bumper cover for your car. Many of them came in the same color as yours. Then it'd look much better. And GL w/ the h22

Posted By: BigLu D@GOD
Date: 04/01/2007
im like batman im all over the place...that my batmobile....i stay fly ryding up buildilng on this ***** lol

Posted By: whitecivic07
Date: 03/26/2007
My local bodyshop did my headlights and tails with black car paint. He sprayed a light coat over them. Nice Accord Bro let me know when u get H22 on.

Posted By: cb7rider
Date: 03/24/2007
check your local junk yards or ebay...I was lucky to get a set for $80..about the A6 manifold, the difference is A6 has eight hole insside the manifold for more air so more power..f22a1 has only 4

Posted By: Accord CB7
Date: 03/15/2007
Nice set up except the headlight. Get rid of it. You may like mine better :)

Repaint everything into one color or two way color will be neat.

Show the motor set up and more pictures. Maybe 10 or more will be nice. Keep it up!

Posted By: 93greenenvy
Date: 03/13/2007
91 accord ,i also have the front lip from my car and the rear lip 4 sale.i crashed my car last week and i parting it out

Posted By: jkjllkloijkl
Date: 03/13/2007
thanks man

Posted By: 4rcefedblusi99
Date: 03/10/2007
haha Thanks for the comment!! I would go back to the OEM si wheels but I can't find any good unscuffed ones!! You got any suggestions! :)

Posted By: jeffiej
Date: 03/08/2007
thanks for your comment! yours looks awesome aswell, upload some pics when the tein springs are installed and slam it to ground asap!

Posted By: Bert
Date: 03/08/2007
haha thanks for the comment naw im keeping it all jdm same *****ty lights you know blew my engine dropping in a rebuilt 1.5 16 valve back in it hahah but yeah its a sleeper it smoked acuras like nothing but haven't been on this for a while and when i get back on my car is no working hahah but it will be back soon

Posted By: flaco2
Date: 03/04/2007
ha thanks for stoping by oh and thats not an ef that was my old school 85 civic flat back i had an ls in it but sold it and thanks on the compiments....its kinda easy to do the clear hood look just email me pics of your engine and one with ur hood closed if u can take them at the same angle it would be nice but the email addy is djflaco2001@yahoo.com

Posted By: GeTinLine
Date: 03/04/2007
yeah they are jmags, is there a problem with them being rota's? i think u should get rid of those side mirrors asap, go back to stock, they look better

Posted By: johnhinson
Date: 03/04/2007
i just know what it said on ebay when i bought it... japanese spec... i might have read it wrong maybe it said HP but im sure it said whp i know what wheel horse power is...

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 03/02/2007
Unless that H22 you're planning on getting has been built with aftermarket parts it's not going to make 220 "whp." Whp is wheel horse power, meaning the power that makes it to the ground after transferring through the transmission, differential, and the drive axles. It's what they measure on a dyno, and it's always less than what the motor is actually rated at.

Posted By: shoto
Date: 03/01/2007
tnx bro....im still palnning to drop the fornth more...i had it drop 1.5 inch....

Posted By: cb7rider
Date: 02/28/2007
I see that you have tein s tech too..I drop my on tein too..I see you have those ebay bmw style mirror..are those from ebay?

Posted By: zcrx
Date: 02/27/2007
i don't have track times, the local strip closed last year, but it's pretty quick and torquey

Posted By: cd6accrd
Date: 02/27/2007
wats up man!! i was looking at your wheels and noticed that you have directonal tread that is rotating the wrong way. this will make you car more prone to hydro- planing in which will cause u to lose control during wet conditions. you can fix that by just swapping your wheels from passenger side to driver side or vice versa.


Posted By: inferno
Date: 02/26/2007
hmm never thought of that, good idea!

Posted By: civicbrothers
Date: 02/25/2007
hey whats up man im from ct, but im keeping both sets for now

Posted By: the big guy
Date: 02/24/2007
just painted her metallic silver and added new ctr black housing headlights new pics probally tomorrow

Posted By: 93greenenvy
Date: 02/20/2007
i found the lights on ebay but they were stock i just opened them and painted them black.the bumber is the orginal one that cam on the car i just cut out the holes for the fogs

Posted By: civicbrothers
Date: 02/18/2007
hey whats up, i actually already have a set in bronze as you can see the one in the front is one because i caught a flat and didnt want to put a donut. I have a stock set and a bronze set of the si's. They are both mine so i havent really raced them but to my knowledge my blue hatch is the faster one for now. keep up the great work with your ride, peace

Posted By: triumphite
Date: 02/18/2007
Hi John,

I bought the intake in 1996 when the 6th gen civic arrived on the scene(used to have a '96). I think IceMan is out of business now. Love the look of it though. You might find some old ones on ebay.

Posted By: Accord CB7
Date: 02/15/2007
Hello, Nice start with your accord, headlight should be better into black housing as I am going to replace soon! I got it from Ebay few week ago. am excited to install in few week. Keep it up

Posted By: cd6accrd
Date: 02/15/2007
The muffler sounds great, it has a nice deep tone, but is not too loud. It sounds good all the way through the rpms and does not get raspy at all.

Posted By: kevoweb
Date: 02/13/2007
yeah, i just replaced the bulbs in the gauge cluster and climate control. got the bulbs from autolumination.com

Posted By: scorpionremix07
Date: 02/07/2007
thanks your car look good to but if you lower it a little more it would be good.

Posted By: zcrx
Date: 02/07/2007
thanks, i don't know what you mean by what my car is running, like track times?

Posted By: SagaBoy/LX
Date: 02/06/2007
thanks b.. the intake made a lil extra pull on the highway it really open some torque with my exhaust- if u want minds u can have it. peace

Posted By: KHan
Date: 01/24/2007
niceeeeee...paint them bumpers to look alike nd yur good to go...chek out mine if yu got time..

Posted By: suzukiviva
Date: 12/13/2006
Welcome to the forum, buđdy, i like your tail light, your reverse gauge, but ne ed to paint bumpers to match the car. Over all, nice. Cb7 represent.

Posted By: kevoweb
Date: 12/01/2006
Paint your bumpers dawg

Posted By: s-line
Date: 11/24/2006
nice ride! where did you get the gauges from?