2000 Honda Civic EX
Owner: Kareem (Janimba)
Date Added: 01/15/2007
Date Updated: 09/30/2009
Ride Specs

D16, 9.8mm Sparkplug Wires, AEM Short Ram intake, AEM Fuel Regulator,Iridium IX Spark plugs, Racing Convertor, Exhaust.




Si spoiler,Si front lip, Rear lip, Si fog lights, 20% tint, Chrome mesh grill, Halo Headlights, Crystal clear Si taillights, Custom Charcoal grey paint.


18" Zinik Adrian's-35 series tires.


Skunk2Racing Coilover kit.


Alpine head unit, Polk audio/Rockford Fosgate Component speakers, custom Mid-range speaker rack, MTX 12" subs.

Future Mods

B18, possibly turbo.

Posted By: Civicz_R_UsZ
Date: 04/28/2008
Yo I need some chomez.. im about o get into a 4door now! i dont lik this hatch much! I miss my accord!

Posted By: Civicz_R_UsZ
Date: 06/12/2007
Hey Man!! Wat up.. Thanx for the comment. Im lookin 4 19z now.. IM gettin a 99 accord. I really dont lik the 94.. I posted new pix with some alloyz i painted black. Check it out.. O yea an thanx for the rim site..

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 06/06/2007
Looks clean. What happened when you got hit? I updated My Profile and posted a pic of my new Rims Check it out when you get a chance >>>Later<<<

Posted By: Civicz_R_UsZ
Date: 03/05/2007
Good Lookin... Ive been there.... I seen yourz.... Thanxxx Once again car looks great...

Posted By: JOEL
Date: 02/27/2007

Posted By: R-civic
Date: 02/15/2007
Nice rims man...keep it clean...and about the JDM-style? it's really cool but the thing with JDM is that it al looks the same...but don't over do it with huge bumpers,spoiler,hoods etc..

Posted By: VImassive
Date: 02/06/2007
d@mn....you had to total it......I WANT SEE A BAD CIVIC COME BACK OUT!!!

Posted By: krazeevic29
Date: 02/03/2007
Nice civ bro..lovin d colour.Check mine out.

Posted By: J30A
Date: 01/20/2007
Dang, "Fast Intenions" talk alota S**T... Sounds like jelousy to me... The Car looks GREAT... custom paint, chromed out, 18"s... Awesome. Like "KHan" said keep it clean you dont want to over-do-it and F**k it up.

Posted By: Civicz_R_UsZ
Date: 01/18/2007
Im back New Year, New Ride..... Holla At Me.... Let me Know Wat U think..... I need Ideas.... Let me know if I should keep this thing or Get 91 civic wagon that they are sellin in a lot>>>>> Holla at me.... How can i make this thing look pretty... Im not a racer im only 19 just going 4 looks like your rimz... any ideas on good rimz for my car?????

Posted By: KHan
Date: 01/18/2007
lov yur ride bro...keep it up...nd keep it clean as it is..don put no additional crap...lov da way it is...

Posted By: triumphite
Date: 01/17/2007
If someone makes fun of your whip, just say thanks and move on. Don't worry about what people think. Keep you own style. If your happy with it, then that's all that matters.

Posted By: triumphite
Date: 01/17/2007
Really clean Civic! Love the color. How do 18's feel on it?Keep it up!

Posted By: GeTinLine
Date: 01/17/2007
3 letters...JDM....lose the wheels and chrome grill and get something more stealth..the color is nice though.

Posted By: Fast_Intentions
Date: 01/17/2007
The S2000 is already been paid off in full and it will smoke you. So please don't talk *****

Posted By: Vanquished
Date: 01/17/2007
looks sick man!! rims are a little over done for the rest of the car but it still looks pretty damn good. Hope you get the B18 soon!!

Posted By: WideCivicOnAir
Date: 01/16/2007
Hey bro nice ride, one question, Where did you get the grill? it looks nice

Posted By: SagaBoy/LX
Date: 01/16/2007
i coming back home to open a shop mehn! She look criss and please don't hate cause dats VI stlye-one