1996 Honda Accord Green
Owner: Dick McLongshanks (ImFresh)
Date Added: 03/14/2007
Date Updated: 07/12/2008
Ride Specs





Carbon fiber altezza tail lights, Black JDM headlights (I have them but they're not installed yet), clear corner/bumper/rear turning lights,

Tint, Red Honda emblems


ICW Racing Rims - 18 inches, black with chrome lip


Red Calibers


Jensen VM9512 - In Dash flip out 7 inch screen, DVD player, iPod compatible, Mp3 compatible, USB port, SD card port, & RCA ports, Navigational System ready (And installed)

2 Audiobahn Immortal 10 inch woofers (With a custom built box that fills my entire trunk)

Hifonics Amp (Zeus) - Class AB, 2 channel, 1000 watts (BLOWN!)

Future Mods

Hifonics Amp (Zeus) - Class D (Mono-block), 1 channel, 2000 watts

JDM Grille, New front license plate bracket, Darker tint, I MIGHT consider a paint job

Sorry for the bad picture quality. They were taken on my cell phone LoL. More pics (Via CAMERA) coming soon... Gimme a month or 2.

Posted By: cd6accrd
Date: 09/12/2008
wat up man, hows the car comin along? i just put up some new pics with the cf hood and new wheels. i couldnt get the racing hart c2's so i got some adr wheels. i also just got a cf gas door but it is not pictured. come check it it out and tell me what u think.


Posted By: shakenbake
Date: 08/02/2008
thanx you ride is clean. i would get the suspension done and i dont know if you seen it but they have a rear glass visor that looks good..goes right on top of window

Posted By: cd6accrd
Date: 07/16/2008
hey wats up i noticed that u said u got ur wheels for $400 w/ tires. well i bought the black wheels for $250 w/ tires and sold them for $460. i got a huge profit off of those. now im getting some racing hart c2's they are very hard to find but i got lucky and found a nice set.

Posted By: chris42192
Date: 07/12/2008
ya paint isnt a mod but im getting it painted, idk if you can c in the pics but the roof n trunk is faded and there are dents..nice in pics not in action!

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 07/10/2008

Posted By: chris42192
Date: 07/07/2008
I read on someone elses comments dat you got yo rims frm craigslist, i think its pretty cool cuz i got my car n sum freestuff fo my car also from other ppl off craigslist ......... yo man nice accord, keep it gleamin!

Posted By: cd6accrd
Date: 07/07/2008
wat up! thanks for the comment, no im just gonna keep it stock. i had to get new speakers bcuz the factory ones were blown back when i bought the car. i sold the rims a few months ago and now im getting some rotas. your ride looks clean too. keep it up!


Posted By: speedy31
Date: 07/07/2008
im just going to keep this engine and put in a turbo. what engine does ur car have

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 03/28/2007
WOWnice ride man it is clean more pix needed although I never seena black housing tail in THAT style tail light which I wil try to make this summer. Also your the third Accord ive seen tht has a bit of an error on the tinted rear who ever did it (you?) well hop eits not an insult but why in the world didnt they take the 3rd brake light housing off theirs only like two screws that holds that and if they take it off thenthey can have the complete rear window in black tinted and then you can put that 3rd brake light back on and they cant see anything unless you depress the brakes and it will light through it so, when I get mine done Im gunna take mine off and then let them do it who knows they might forget to take it off you know. Other than that sweeeet ride dude! I kind of like the tail in that style though its not so bad but I want a black housing I HATE the chromes blah!!!!!

peace out man and keep it up!!

Posted By: Team TeNsioN
Date: 03/17/2007
Yeah thats a real clean Accord Cuz all you need is the Rims and and lower it a inch

Posted By: Ian77
Date: 03/15/2007
That is real clean! I would like to see more pics. Check mine out if you get a chance. Later.