1996 Acura Integra Type R
Owner: Wayne Prendergast (*Wayne*)
Date Added: 05/07/2007
Date Updated: 11/14/2007
Ride Specs

Hybrid Turbo,
Front mounted intercooler,
Blow Off Valve,
44mmTial External wastegate,custom shaft to WG
Cast Manifold, AEM air filter,
down pipe,
cuctom charge pipes,
Complete fuel system upgrade includes fuel pump, lines,750RC fuel injectors and wiring harness,
8mm Magnecor competition plug leads,
Buddyclub racing condenser,
Billion hoses,
J's racing engine Dampner,
Polished rocker cover,
DE-CAT pipe,
Poly motor mounts
Full ss invidia exhaust system,
Spoon thermostat & fan switch,
Custom made oil catch tank,
Slimline fan,Air con removed.

ARP head bolts,
ARP Crank studs,
ARP connecting rod bolts,
Toda low compression head gasket,
Hondata intake gasket,
Ported & polished head,
Toda uprated oil pump gear,
WIESCO low compression pistons with 81.5 bore,
Total seal piston rings,
Manley turbo tuff connecting rods,
Rebored bottom end cylinders .5mm,
AC block guard,
Polished crank,
Vortech high flow fuel rail,
Vortech bypass valve,
ACL big end and main bearings,
All run by S300 HONDATA ECU.
Launch control
Think thats almost everything


Defi din gauge, Defi boost and fuel pressure gauges,
Red Recaro bucket seats,Type R floor mats,Carbonfibre trim on doorcards and dash.Type R Chrome gear knob,Sunpro Rev counter with shift light,APEXi RSM,APEXi V-tec controller,APEXi turbo timer,Mugen clock,Rear of car stripped out.


Standard type R extras and a Varis lightweight carbonfiber Bonnet,Carbonfiber bonnet pins


egamaster evo's sprayed matt black covered with toyo proxes 205/40/16s


Ombi power coilovers with 4" Drop and camber kit
Endless 4pots in front,
Endless discs,
Endless pads&brake lines,
Blox extension studs and spacers,
New Honda rear discs and calipers,
with red stuff pads.


Sony CDX-F5500 headunit anything else is too heavy!

Future Mods


Posted By: Nambo
Date: 09/07/2009
sweet ride.....i have a 01 GSR i'm trying to work on right now......I always thought Type R's were 5-lugs?

Posted By: odie
Date: 04/03/2009
pretty clean looks good

Posted By: odie
Date: 03/29/2008
hm not bad whats it make

Posted By: shizkabob3421
Date: 03/07/2008
wow this is gorgeous.

Date: 01/29/2008
cant wait till i can get my own R

Posted By: kevoweb
Date: 12/14/2007
nice teg! love it

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 12/11/2007
very nice ride but i would of kept the other rims but it still looks awsome. good job.

Posted By: WK_Scottish
Date: 11/15/2007
*****ing lovely mate!

Posted By: 2dr4me
Date: 07/11/2007
real nice ride man...what else are/can u do to it or are u finished?

Posted By: RDX_TURBO
Date: 06/11/2007
Clean Set up bro check out my ride when you ave a chance

Posted By: PTR
Date: 06/04/2007
sweet ride dude!!:)

Posted By: 4rcefedblusi99
Date: 05/28/2007
Nice ride...Everything about it is nice!! The carbon fiber hood looks right along with the stance of the car. Check out my ride when you get the chance. Again nice!!

Posted By: g35ExGt
Date: 05/20/2007
enjoy. nice ride.

Posted By: GeTinLine
Date: 05/16/2007
Nice integra. what numbers u pulling?

Posted By: bkayfes
Date: 05/12/2007
i'll think of something and for sure let you know...i'll top it though. you'll see.

Posted By: *Wayne*
Date: 05/10/2007
Thanks kid

Posted By: GeTinLine
Date: 05/09/2007
thats a super awesome teggy u got there. liking those 4x114 wheels.

Posted By: *Wayne*
Date: 05/09/2007
I already have an offer from my bud he said he will eat his own arm.So you need to top that :D

Posted By: bkayfes
Date: 05/08/2007
what i would do for that car. love it