1994 Honda Accord EX VTEC
Owner: Aaron (JDM PANDA)
Date Added: 06/04/2007
Date Updated: 06/19/2007
Ride Specs

-F22 VTEC 5-speed
-AEM Short Ram Intake
-DC Sports Ceramic Header
-A'PEXi World Sport 2 Catback Exhaust


and a Broadway mirror from Japan


-Mugen lip comin in this week
(ive broken 2 ABS mugen style front lips and a CF mugen style)
-Black Honda Badges


-Sitting on stocks temporarily


-Function&Form Type 2 coilovers
-Front cross drilled/slotted brembo discs(in the mail)
-Rear cross drilled/slotted Brembo discs(in the mail)


-all stock JDM

Future Mods

-JDM SiR Accord wing
-JDm Fogs
-JDM headlights
-JDM Right Hand Drive Conversion
-Complete paint job
-Work Equip 3's!

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 10/05/2007
nice car, i like the way it droped. u should put some racing rims or take the center caps off the stocks. keep it up man.

Posted By: nspec
Date: 06/19/2007
still looks nice.

whats ITRs? and "work equip 3's?

and how the hell did u break an ABS lip?

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 06/19/2007
Dude your car looks seriously nice, even with just the few mods you've done. It's gonna look awesome once it's finished. I've always loved the 94-95 coupes, especially when they're done up right like yours. Keep it up!

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 06/17/2007
Hmm I guess im the first person to leave a comment unless im too late LOL but I don't see any yet at this time. But hey man hows it going? you made a new profile, Why? but it's all good. You seriously need some camber kits for the rear! LOL I got mine but haven't installed it yet I need to get new front shock/struts. then I can install it all at once but then Id have to do my rotors, brakes, alignment and lower down my car its currently jacked up to somewhat stock height in the pic you see in my profile with the silver rims on the back and black on the front. I see you got them stock rims its a nice clean ones though. I'd take the center caps off though, its the same rims I have on my car right now two silver two black ones I painted them and I got nine more (had ten but oneof them had a crack spoke so i junked it with a wreck parted out Accord I had bought to take the interior which mine is not all grey (TYPE-B) was TYPE-F (beige) blahhhh! So what happen to those knock offs those so called slips LOL I still want those Rotas but in size 16" what size was the knockoffs you had? could you post a nice clear one of it when it was on your car and holla back at me at (AIM/AOL - Goofball7926) if you can. Also what size where those knock offs and the tire size if you remember? the full tire side size because im unsure what size tire I should get for a size 16" or 17" rims and I don't wan to have the diameter of the overall wheel to be less than the stock.

well get back at me when you can take it easy bro

btw you went through hella lips LOL I still have my type R but its not on the car right now but it has two stupid cracks D@MN IT!