1993 Honda Accord ex
Owner: Derek (93_accord)
Date Added: 06/09/2007
Date Updated: 07/15/2007
Ride Specs

short ram intake
megan full exhaust system with N1 4" fireball muffler
front and rear upper sway bars.
new gaskets and seals.
new timing belt
new water pump
new fuel lines and gas tank.

just making it look good till i do a swap


working on leather seats


spyder front bumper
spyder side skirts
BC rear bumper
JDM one peice projector headlights.
carbon fiber tail lights.
shaved antenna and emblems
getting it painted a dark blue pearl
gunna shave side moldings and rain rails




Neuspeed sport lowering springs. 1.8" drop in the front and 1.7" drop in the rear.
new calipers and rotors.


Sony Xplod deck
JL 15" sub
1500 watt sound accoustics saphier amp
FM radio LCD alarm.

Future Mods

h22 or put a turbo on my f22
carbon fiber hood
rims on order.

Posted By: J30A
Date: 11/29/2007
Thanks for the Suggestions... P.S. go back and look at the car, I had the HFP lip kit installed before I took it off the lot.

Posted By: J30A
Date: 06/29/2007
okay........ so what does the exterior of the car look like

Posted By: dsenseney
Date: 06/12/2007
have funn with trying to put that body kit on they are a pain in the azz but urr car will look sick sheck out my accord

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 06/10/2007
B-series into Accord doesn't work. I'd scrap that idea. You'd have to get custom mounts engine and transmission mounts made. Not worth it in my opinion, especially for a motor that has less torque than your stock mill. F22 turbo or H22 is the way to go for an Accord.