1992 Honda Civic
Owner: Jan (afwjan)
Date Added: 11/05/2007
Date Updated: 11/05/2007
Ride Specs

Stock, Exhaust: 2 Suzuki GSX-R Muffler


Prelude Seats, Raid, Shortshifter Roll-Bar, Leather Parts


Hardt Front Bumber, Feels Side-Skirts, Rear-Bumber
Angel-Eyes Head Lights, Black Tail-Light, M3-Mirrors
Decals. Paint is Lime green (7f)


Gotti 15" wheels with 195/45R15 Nexxen Tires


30cm Lowering Springs


JVC Head-Unit, Ratho 2Way Front System

Future Mods

D16z6 Swap with some Mods ;)

Posted By: TecDoctor89
Date: 04/05/2008
everything on the outside is amazing, but u need to back that up with an engine swap or a turbo

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 12/11/2007
clean ride man, i like what u done with it

Posted By: gwailo
Date: 11/19/2007
Euro style wheels on a jap car....nice

Posted By: triumphite
Date: 11/16/2007
Nice. Clean. good pics. Keep it up.

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 11/10/2007
Lookin clean in Germany with your Hatch Dawg. If you don't know how to type in English, then type it in your Language, No Problem. >>>Later<<<


Posted By: HondaChick
Date: 11/08/2007
I like it! But you should do something with the engine, at least air intake or something, is the D16z6 and engine swap? If so that would be tight. Check out my 91 accord.

Posted By: riptec
Date: 11/07/2007
nice ride. i like the bodykit ,but not the black taillights.

Posted By: travieso_13
Date: 11/06/2007
nice ride dude, where did you get the graffix from??

Posted By: CivicGirl
Date: 11/06/2007
hey...nice car...this is the exact color i want to paint mine next!

Posted By: Blazeteck
Date: 11/06/2007
very clean civic , one of the best i have seen , check my out my honda