1995 Acura Integra LS
Owner: Mikey Rafkah (Boosted SuFi)
Date Added: 12/07/2007
Date Updated: 12/13/2007
Ride Specs

SRR Adjustable Cam Gears, AEM CAI, NGK Plugs and Wires, Vtec...;)


As clean as the day she was made.


Xenon High Beams, 30.5 Tint, 98+ Front/Rear/Sides


Blades with Toyo Proxie 4s


Tein Adjustable Coilovers


JPA 460 4-Channel, Eclipse HU, Type-R Components

Future Mods

Apexi Exhaust, 50 Shot Zex Kit

Posted By: TecDoctor89
Date: 07/19/2008
nice looking teg man, but its retarted to say that that is a vtec motor. but it doest really matter because vtec is just a way to get fuel economy & performance aspects in one engine. if vtec is that big of a deal to you, just get performance cams & u will always be in vtec

Posted By: 96ls
Date: 03/09/2008
thats a nice integra u got there.....tell me wat u think bout mine

Date: 01/29/2008
.....i think i have vtec too......lol

Posted By: bfinch2002
Date: 12/17/2007
nice LS- with a vtec tranny. lol

Posted By: bfinch2002
Date: 12/17/2007
definently a nice LS- with a vtec tranny. lol

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 12/13/2007
Still claiming VTEC huh? You might wanna specify that's it your transmission that has VTEC, not your motor...cuz that solenoid in the picture is on the transmission...

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 12/11/2007
So I'm a "butt pirate" now? Wow, you guys are really mature...

Seriously, your car doesn't have VTEC. Go ask some people on the forums and see what they have to say about it...

I'm done here, you guys aren't worth any more of my time.

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 12/10/2007
Uh, no. The solenoid you can see on mine and his cars is a shift solenoid for the automatic transmission. It's mounted on the transmission, not the motor. A VTEC solenoid would be mounted on the engine head, up near the valve cover and distributor.

And there are plenty of non-VTEC B18s, more so than VTEC ones actually. And ALL automatic B18s in the US are non-VTEC. Honda never released a VTEC 1.8 with an auto tranny here in the States.

But now I understand why you think your car has VTEC when it obviously doesn't...your retarded buddy, who think he's a master mechanic because he installs car stereos is feeding you a bunch of bull crap that's not even true...

Posted By: v-tecvillan428
Date: 12/09/2007
its my best buddy mikey rafkah!!!!!!!!!!

Posted By: v-tecvillan428
Date: 12/09/2007
yo its my main man mikey! the teg is looking good in here man! Dont let the azzhat who left you that comment above bother you, he doesnt know what hes talking about and its obvious. he is saying that your car isnt v-tec, if he knew what he was talking about or had even looked at the pic of your motor he would have seen the v-tec solenoid, o wait he proably doesnt know what one looks like! he is picking a fight with 2 people who do this ***** for a living and have been doing it all there lives! hahahaha he said that he has a non v-tec car and when you look at his pic you can see where it has v-tec 95% of all b18's have v-tec. and he also said he had a custom painted valve cover hah it looks like spray paint to me there buddy! well ill see ya next week best buddy! come by the shop!!!!

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 12/07/2007
Umm...are you sure this car is yours? First of all, it doesn't have VTEC. Second, it looks like it has a 98-01 front end conversion, which you didn't list in your exterior mods...

Sorry, just seems kinda sketchy...