1993 Honda Civic Nitro
Owner: Michael Guillemette (zexcivic)
Date Added: 12/08/2007
Date Updated: 02/12/2009
Ride Specs

- D16 2000 Civic motor
- 4-2-1after market headers
- Type R exaust
- Vibrant stainless steel axel back
- Chrome valve cover
- Fuse box cover chrome
- Battery tie down stainless
- Short shifter
- Int├ęgra Type R gas pump
- Ractive SuperFlow carbon fiber 5,5" intake
- ZEX Nitrous Kit 55 shot
- NOS Purge valve


- NOS presure
- Air-fuel ratio
- Gas presure
- Oil presure
- Water temp.
- IGNITED Nitrous purge
- Tom's Motorsport racing seats
- 3D cluster
- Quik-Release racing steering


- Maldives blue paint, BMW Z4 (May 2006)
- 7 pieces Body kit
- F1 mirror
- Front and back black light
- Eye lids


- 18" ADR custom black paint rims
- Lexani tires 215/35/ZR18


- Rear disc brakesconvertion
- Rear Brembo disc
- Rear EBC Greenstuff pads
- Front EBC Greenstuff pads
- Tokiko suspension
- Apex Coils springs
- Skunk 2 GOLD rear lower control arms
- Skunk 2 PRO-SERIES front upper ball joint camber kits
- ESR Performance rear adjustable camber kit
- Front and rear lower bar
- Front upper bar and c-pillar bar


- 2x 12" RockFord Fosgate subwoofers
- RockFord Fosgate amps for woofers
- Kenwood amps for the speakers ans tweeters
- 7'' Clarion radio flip screen
- 2x 7'' sunvisor screen

Future Mods

Air suspension

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 06/01/2008
I Hooked up my Trunk Layout Again and Even Better. Check it out. >>>Later<<<


Posted By: jojo1
Date: 03/09/2008
thanks man, nice ride.

Posted By: Civicz_R_UsZ
Date: 02/29/2008

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 02/26/2008
very clean ride. great job. i like the color. what else u have planned for it? check out my ride and let me now if u got any ideas for it

Posted By: HaTtASaN
Date: 01/02/2008
I loves your car`s body kit, costume made isn`t?

Posted By: vincsk2003
Date: 12/30/2007
18" rim will hit your fender?

Posted By: westcb11
Date: 12/22/2007
d@mn that car looks sweet man like the body awesome check out my 94 i just added yonaka leather racing seats and i ordered new wheels and tires for it so as soon as the new wheels come i'll add new pics of whole car

Posted By: triumphite
Date: 12/14/2007
When I say "work" I mean clean. Look at my engine bay. No money spent, yet spotless. You have a lot of money invested in your car yet a filthy engine bay. Why? No negative comment here mate, just an observation.

Clean it up Lil' Fella!

Posted By: CivicGirl
Date: 12/14/2007
haha thanks alot!! my friend Jenna owns the other civic in that pic...we like to joke around a bit...:) yeah i dunno much about car shows in nova scotia...i can keep an ear out...be nice to see one here for sure...

Posted By: zexcivic
Date: 12/12/2007
Ciboire que j'aime mon char .... tabarnac de calisse d'ostie de char de fou ca !!! OUFF!!!!

Posted By: 34343
Date: 12/10/2007
Sick engine set up.


Posted By: triumphite
Date: 12/10/2007
At that level of work your engine bay should be spotless. Definitely needs work under there. Other than that, really nice looking

Posted By: CivicGirl
Date: 12/09/2007
woah thats one sexy car!

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 12/08/2007
Nice Show Car! Real Clean. I have the same RF Subs and Almost have the same Visor Screens too. It's going to be tricky putting the Tanks and stuff for the Air Ride in the trunk unless you Redo it ALL OVER AGAIN. Or you could put a 5 gallon tank on the other side of that Nos Tank. Keep me Posted >>>Later<<<