1996 Acura Integra ls
Owner: daniel (96ls)
Date Added: 02/03/2008
Date Updated: 04/24/2009
Ride Specs

b18b1 with a short ram intake....2.5 inch piping with stock exhaust.... ngk sparkplugs and ngk wires....


gray leather interior


stock burgandy..fog lights and JDM honda emblems.. jdm amber side marker's coming soon...


ls webs painted gold wit crome lip that i painted myself... {now polished with red inside}


lowered on some ground control coilovers....i slamed the hell out of it and still have more to go...lol


jvc deck with two 12'' rocksford fasgate p1's wit a 1000 wat amp

Future Mods

ls v-tec with turbo..... and jdm conversion 98 back bumper with lip ....exhaust and type r front lip, 10,000K HID KIT....so yeah tell me wat u think...... white da is my cuzins

Posted By: Ricsi
Date: 11/06/2009
nice one!

Posted By: delux_pak
Date: 05/11/2009
i went stock because i painted my 17's bronze and i tried to take the paint off to go back to black and i messed them up... im just going to get some Ls mesh or gsr blades im not sure tho. Cause i graduate next month and my parents were saying sumtin bout getting me a 08 Civic Si so that would be cool but im not sure yet

Posted By: LittleMissVtec
Date: 05/11/2009
Hey, just wanted to say thanks for the compliment. I dig the color combo. What's the next big plans for the teg?

Posted By: jdmjim
Date: 05/01/2009
very nice! lovin the wheels. nice DA too.

Posted By: themenace
Date: 04/25/2009
More pics of The DA! Those rims that are on the car i see on tons of DA9's! Your 94 Would look sick with some bronze deep dish rims. Otherwise the color contrast from rims to car is perfect! Can't stand it when i see a Civic Si (BLUE) or purple almost w/ Red rims. WTF was that kid thinking, you know?

Posted By: jayden3408
Date: 04/21/2009
nice ride, teg looks clean as hell and the rims u should keep them that gold color looks alot better

Posted By: civic94rac3r
Date: 08/16/2008
looks clean keep up the good work! my car need to be wash when ever i wa***** ill post up new pics, if ur lookin for a hid kit look on ebay for seller HIDGATE best prices and fast shipping thats where u got mine and its warranted

Posted By: delux_pak
Date: 08/16/2008
i painted my valve cover!!!! pics r up!!!

that da is pretty clean i just dont like the rims

Posted By: b18pwr
Date: 08/10/2008
amen lol

keep us updated

and mind came with duoble sided tape and two screws at each end. it was a pretty easy instal

Posted By: delux_pak
Date: 08/08/2008
u need glass packs in order to get the rattle sound u want

Posted By: delux_pak
Date: 08/07/2008
oh ok

ok i need to know wat is the diff between da1 da2 da3...

Posted By: b18pwr
Date: 08/03/2008
thanks man. clean clean clean. keep it up. what are you gana do engine wise?

Posted By: delux_pak
Date: 07/31/2008
wat part of cali u from

Posted By: jrod559
Date: 07/25/2008
were you from i think iv seen your car

Posted By: suzukiviva
Date: 06/25/2008
Thanks for the comment, bro, i like the rim and the color of your teggy. I love JDM too.

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 06/01/2008
I Hooked up my Trunk Layout Again and Even Better. Check it out. >>>Later<<<


Posted By: speedy31
Date: 05/28/2008

Posted By: delux_pak
Date: 05/22/2008
this is nice....

the b18 isnt stock on integras?

Posted By: tino
Date: 05/18/2008
dang,...i didnt read that you had a b18 before,.......thats wat i need for my hatch,...lol

Posted By: jav94
Date: 05/17/2008
this car looks sick man love the wheelz and paint what color is that

Posted By: tino
Date: 05/05/2008
clean car!!

Posted By: Del!
Date: 03/31/2008
sick ls

Posted By: TecDoctor89
Date: 03/31/2008
thats really cool what u did with the rims

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 03/22/2008
Looking Really Clean Dawg. When you say, "slammmmm the hell out of it..." do you mean Like My Civic? LOL.

Nice Purchase, Good Luck with Future Mods. >>>Later<<<


Posted By: lsfornow
Date: 03/11/2008
like the rims man, look like they came like that

Posted By: jojo1
Date: 03/10/2008
in should be painted about this month. did u paint the rims or powder coat them

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 02/04/2008
nice car, looks clean. u should get some more pics up