2007 Honda Civic Si
Owner: Hernan (Nano)
Date Added: 03/04/2008
Date Updated: 03/04/2008
Ride Specs

No Performance Parts, yet....


It's pretty stock, e


I'llb getting a body kit soon, I'll let you know....


17'' ADR, with stock tires...


Eibach Lower Kit. .. ...


Pioneer Headunit with GPS, SUBs & Amps. .. ...

Future Mods

Body Kit, Fiber Carbon Hood, Cold Intake, Headers, exhaust. .. ...

Posted By: 01BluLude
Date: 03/14/2008
Very nice, good call on the black rims with the silver car. Nice future mod list, it's a good way to start. Good choise on the lowering springs, I wanted to get that kit but it was a little too much and I found a good price for my Tein S-Tech springs. Later

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 03/04/2008
nice ride, i like the rims and the yellow fog lights. good job keep it clean. check out my ride