1995 Honda Civic EX
Owner: Kyle Casteel (DJSilkie)
Date Added: 05/06/2008
Date Updated: 05/08/2008
Ride Specs

D16Z6 1.6L Single Overhead Cam <--- :(

- Akimoto Racing Warm Air Intake
- Nuespeed Focuz Racing Headers
- Nuespeed Exaust
- Spectre Intake filter
- Aftermarket Spark Plug Wires
- Aftermarket Fuel Rail


- R Racing Floor matts
- R Racing Seat covers
- OBX Racing Steeringwheel
- MOMO Steeringwheel hub adapter
- Fuzzy Dice :)
- Fully custom painted and finished interior
- Customized Racing Pedals
- Carbon Fiber E-Brake Handle


- Xenon 5600 4 Piece Polyurethane Bodykit
- Custom Fabricated Eyebrows
- Halo Projector Headlights
- Clear Lense Black Housed Corner Lights
- Fogged Lense Carbon Fiber Tail Lights
- Extreme Window Tint
- Black Sun Visor
- Carbon Fiber Hood Inserts
- M3 Fender Grills
- "Powered By Honda" Decal
- "Adrenalin" Decal


- 18" ADR Rims
- Maxxis Tires
- Blue Calipers and Shoes


- Koni Coilovers


- 2 blue neon sticks on the cieling
- 2 strobe lights on the dash
- Blue Neon Liscence plate frame
- 7 Color and Bright White Fog Lights
- Dual "XDM7510" CD Player (CD-CD+RW-MP3CD), Auxilery (Iplug), and Tuner (AM/FM)
- Doors are equipt with DS Dual Speakers
- Rear Speakers are Punch full ranges with custom covers
- Subs are Dual twin 12"s with Custom LED lit enclosed and ported enclosures.
- Amps are a 580 Watt Dual for subs and 250 Watt Dual for speakers

Future Mods

- Lambo Doors
- Black 5 Spoke Rims with Polished Chrome Lip
- 4000K Ultra Blue HID Low Beams
- 7050K Ultra Violet HID High Beams
- Racing Seats
- Diamond Plate Floors
- Underglow
- Carbon Fiber Spoiler
- Carbon Fiber Hood
- Carbon Fiber Trunk
- Flip Flop Trunk
- Fender Flares

Posted By: Rprezident
Date: 05/20/2008
Ok!My engine d16 too!Good luck for the future mods!;)

Posted By: Rprezident
Date: 05/15/2008
Nice coupe man,but i think that is not a d16 in it,maybe a d15...

Posted By: speedy31
Date: 05/14/2008

Posted By: 01BluLude
Date: 05/13/2008
Love the ride, only thing I'm not a huge fan of are the tail lights. Everything else looks really nice, good work man.

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 05/10/2008
P.s You should introduce Yourself to the Forum.

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 05/10/2008
Looks Clean. I Remember when I painted my Interior Back in the Day :) It's starts pealing or it would get scratched easily. Some Blue Bride Seats would Blend rite in. I wonder what color Under glow you're going with :p I Wouldn't do the Flip Trunk thing tho. Maybe adding a Blue Honda Emblem in the Back? You have a thing for Blue Like I have a Thing for Red. LoL. Keep it Clean Dawg >>>Later<<<


Posted By: 97hondacivicex
Date: 05/09/2008
Im trying to custom paint my interior too, but i dont even know were to start. Could you e-mail me with some pics and suggestions to guide me. By the way that is one sexy car u got there.

Posted By: Spidy
Date: 05/09/2008
Nice ride! Keep it clean!

Posted By: tino
Date: 05/08/2008
nice civic dude!,i like how you fixed it up.