2000 Honda Civic Si
Owner: Jacob Hopper (Hoop)
Date Added: 09/12/2008
Date Updated: 09/16/2008
Ride Specs

Stock B16a2, CAI, Megan Racing Header, Invidia Test Pipe, and Apexi N1 Cat-back Exhaust


All stock


All stock


MSR Rims wrapped in Kumho Tires


Tokico adjustable coilovers, KYB Gas Shocks and Struts


Clarion In-dash Screen, American Bass 1600watt class D amp, and 2 12" 1000watt Audiobahn Subs

Future Mods

I am about to fully build the b16a2 motor to 9:5.1 compression and putting on the Jackson Racing supercharger at 11psi. Plus JDM front end.

Posted By: delux_pak
Date: 04/12/2009
man nice car!! i like the last pic with the rims

Posted By: joecivic
Date: 11/28/2008
you take a look at the swap pics yet? you should take more pics of your car

Posted By: tintmank20
Date: 10/12/2008
the K swap was easy but when i did it back in 05 it was kinda hard waiting on parts to come in, is a 2 day project taking your time to do things right but you better have everything for it when i did it was kinda new into ek chassis so most of the parts it took forever to arrive to my house now it is expensive but is totally worth it lol

Posted By: tintmank20
Date: 09/23/2008
nice ride bro!!! all you need for the front end is the ctr headlights and foglights and you straight

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 09/17/2008
What you run that Day at the Track? Try to take some pics if you could of your Build. Are you going to put it together?


Posted By: joecivic
Date: 09/15/2008
ahh. lol. i should have figured that. when i read yours, i was thinking only the very front, like the bumper. i have to make corrections about my future mods. i just got a call today about my motor, and they got the wrong motor. so instead of the k20a3, now i get the k20a2. hopefully i can post it up soon whenever i get my car. i know the a2 is better, i just didnt have the money for it, but now its the a2. so im extremely happy

Posted By: joecivic
Date: 09/12/2008
nice SI. what you mean by JDM front end conversion? just take your si front lip off, and get a type r lip? if thats the case, they look the same really, just the type r is slightly more agressive.