1993 Honda Civic hatch
Owner: mike (blake187)
Date Added: 11/07/2008
Date Updated: 11/07/2008
Ride Specs

Rebuilt jdm h22a type s motor swap, lsd tranny , short ram intake , ngk wire's , ngk plugs hasport motor mounts , gready strut brace ,stage 3 clutch ,2 cla mufflers ,chiped h22a computer


gsr dash swap , gsr leatherseats , Gsr interior ,oil pressure gauge, air fuel gauge, monster shift light , trans temp gauge, volt gauge , momo racing wheel


Lambo doors , jdm Integra type r front end swap
, wide body kit ,HID lights


17" Chrome lenso rims with kumho tires


brembo 4 piston brakes ,slotted rottors all around , Type r suspension


alpine dvd deck , alpine dvd screen in dash
alpine rear speakers, ma audio front tweaters 1300 watt 12 inch sony xplod sub , rockford 4 channel amp ,oil pressure gauge, air fuel gauge, monster shift light , trans temp gauge, volt gauge , gps , l.e.d's

Future Mods

tubo, inner cooler , headers , rsx leathers or jdm red racing seats , more dvd screens , ps3 , another 2 12 inch subs , new paint job ,carbon fiber hood , jdm front lip

Posted By: horrse
Date: 11/18/2008
It's a work in progress, I think you could have done the front end a lot better. Should of molded the side skirts since you molded every thing else. Should of shaved the door handles and gotten door poppers. Different choice of rims would be nice. A spoiler like a duckbill or a bomex wing would look nice too. Are you gonna redo the interior? Not too fond of the tan interior. Anyways these are just some suggestions, I know time and money can be issues and I hope everything turns out for you.

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 11/10/2008
Why would you want to get a Header with a Turbo?

I also like how you photoshoped your Engine Bay :p

What color are you going to paint it?


Posted By: speedy31
Date: 11/08/2008
nice work, i like the front end. i wanna do an h22 swap too. check out my ride