2000 Honda Civic Si
Owner: kyle johnson (kjem100)
Date Added: 11/27/2008
Date Updated: 12/02/2008
Ride Specs

b16 head on a Gs-r block with jdm b16 pistons, itr header, greddy exhaust, short ram top fuel intake, semi-tucked


removable steering wheel. Nrg short hub, personal steering wheel black suede red stiching. White H emblem heated into each seat head rest


Black housed head lights, jdm fog lights, rear tow hitch


rota track r's wrapped with dunlop direzza.


Koni yellows, ground control coilovers, 550 ft ront, 600 rear, ground control extended top hats


alpine flip out

Future Mods

ep3 interior

Posted By: ed50
Date: 05/06/2009
Nice civic, dig the wheels. Check mine out, lemme know what you think

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 12/09/2008

What she Running in a 1/4 Mile?

Don't worry, I won't tell :p


Posted By: horrse
Date: 12/06/2008
nice, i like the half bra on there.

Posted By: MobiggaLx
Date: 12/03/2008
like the ek very nice ive always loved to si blue good luck on the future mods!!!!

Posted By: jonastsk8
Date: 12/02/2008

i fell love in ur ride

clean work, great colour, and its realy down its lie on the street:D

great keep it

Posted By: big_K_soda
Date: 11/30/2008
Clean ride... need some pics of your motor. What was your time at the track?