1995 Honda Civic EX Coupe
Owner: Jeovani Jackson (G- Force)
Date Added: 01/09/2009
Date Updated: 01/10/2009
Ride Specs

WAS- B18C5 Turbo, with Garrett TD05 Dual Ball Bearings, Hondats S200 with boost option
Greddy turbo timer, FMIC and piping, catch can and type S BOV.
Skunk2 Stage 2 Cams with No name Cam Gears.
Head Ported and Polished by Extreme Motorsports
Upgraded injectors and fuel rail AEM
Bottom end could have been built better, just AUTHENTIC CTR Pistons and rods and a billet crank...... made a little bit over 550HP at 15 PSI on 108 octane with 500HP Axels and my best time @ Capitol raceway on that set up is mid 11"s. (only 1 pass at test and tune, got flagged, cant run there again on that set up untill i have a full crash bar inside.
THE BAD, she threw 3 rods, 1 through the block, 1 shattered the wastegate, and the last 1 through the oil pan

NOW (Temporary) D16z6 V-tec
proted and polished head
stage 2 cam
No Turbo
Neuspeed Headers, Scorpion Cat back
Neuspeed Short throw
bottom end stock

Currently in the process of rebuilding the B18 (doing it right this time, bottom and a full race radiator)


Pretty much JDM OEM
Light weight Pedals

And o yea, the inside smells SLAM like WILD BERRIES lol


same JDM OEM
CF Lip
Dual Halos with black housing and low beam projectors
Smooth JDM Amber corner
8000K HID ( sopposed to be blue but the projector film cut it down to whiteish blue) (CIC PERFORMANCE)
15% tints all the way around (HALL STAR)


15" SI"S
16" Konig Monsoon's (Discontinued and RARE)
17" Enkei's (Not Sure)


Neuspeed adjustable Coils
Front Tokico Shocks
OEM SPEC Brembo rotors
AEM pads


Blue Underdashes
Pioneer Deck
6 Alpine Type r speakers
2 JL Audio 10"
2 Bazooka 12"
Alpine Amp
A total of 12 tweeters

Future Mods

What I Have in my garage
Brembo Slotts
JDM EG6 3000k fogs
CF Skirts and rear lip
New Master Cylinder
Blue Metal Cast Lug Nuts
Mugen Power Battery Tie Down
Plus a Whole Shelf of Misc. Eg, EJ Aftermarket build ups
the B18 bottom is at the machine shop in GB MD.

***** Id Like to thank the good folks at Extreme Motorsports, CIC Performance, Hall Star Custom Concepts, Capitol Raceway All my tuner friends, and yes even the PPl on the Highways where ever I go that give me the thumbs UP!!!

Posted By: joecivic
Date: 02/12/2009
man, i wouldnt let no girls sit on my car. lol.

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 02/08/2009
I've done every single Modification and Custom Work by myself. Are you kidding? I would be walking around with only One Leg if I had a Shop do this for me lol.

The only thing I didn't do was the Upholstery Work. I had a Buddy do that for me. But I took the Whole Interior off myself also. Dash also. I'm in the Process of Getting New Rims. Working on the Engine Also.

You're Civic's looking Good so far. How you looking as far as the Swap? Log on to our Forum and talk about it. You can post way more Pics there. See ya. >>>Later<<<

Posted By: iancivic
Date: 01/17/2009
Really appreciate the comments any other suggestions I would love to hear them!

where can I get those Honda (H) emblem rims?

Posted By: iancivic
Date: 01/14/2009
sick whip!

check mine out.

Posted By: El Bebe Racing
Date: 01/13/2009
nah lol the coupe has a gsr in it... to the hatch ima do gsr turbo.. well the coupe gonna be turbo too.. i had turbo on ma other coupe for a few months runnin 13 psi.. tuned it made 348 on a stock motor bottom and top.. i ran it for 5 months neva gave me a problem lol

Posted By: joecivic
Date: 01/10/2009
lol. yeah the breather is a bit big. the shop just had that one sitting around, so they used it. the lip issues, well, i actuall did fit it all the way around...by force, even after having it warmed up to stretch, and all it did was bend the ends of the lip where it connects behind the bumper/wheel well. it wasnt "flush", like flat when behind the bumper. it came out to an angle. i think they gave me the wrong year lip or something. ive even taken it to a few shops that couldnt do it.

and thanks. your civic is nice too

Posted By: El Bebe Racing
Date: 01/10/2009
nice coupe look at my blue 1 ints on page 2 in the 1995 section.. follow this name f.b.j.s...