1996 Honda Civic DX
Owner: terryn fischer (terrynfischer)
Date Added: 02/27/2009
Date Updated: 04/24/2011
Ride Specs

cold air intake,headers exhaust,injectors,aluminum radiator,fuel pressure regulator,voltage stabilizer, AEM adjustable cam gear, msd distributor cap and rotor with external blaster coil and 10.2 mm vision wires, lightweight crank pulley,polyurethane motor mount inserts red, D16Y8 intake manifold swap, AC removed, power steering removedI think it has the vtec head because i ordered the ex distributor cap and rotor they didnt work so i researched it and it has the si distributor there different


looks like shit,GRANT steering wheel,black leather racing seats


carbon fiber hood,carbon fiber mirrors,fuel door,acura black spoiler,red neons. I shaved off the door moldings, wings west avenger full body kit


16 inch aftermarket,kumho tires


coil over shocks, Mugen aftermarket strut bars all around, front and rear, camber kit


boston 61/2 inchers and pioneer 6x9's
crappy deck
oil pressure gauge
air-fuel ratio gauge in dual gauge pillar pod

Future Mods

stage two F1 racing clutch.crower camshafts

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 06/29/2010
LOL Really? I have pix of my new Accord with Deloreans ill post them up sometimes

Posted By: themenace
Date: 02/22/2010
I believe u can convert ur carb setup w/ a manifold & throttle body! HondaTunningMagazine will shed the light!

Posted By: terrynfischer
Date: 02/09/2010
my clear went to ***** a while back too but i have all the paint to redo it it is just getting to it is the problem

Posted By: Smoothpoon86
Date: 02/04/2010
Yesir... two 8oz bottles, they will blow your mind

Posted By: themenace
Date: 01/23/2010
Hows your CF Hood holdin up... My clear coat went to sh**!!!

Posted By: mediison
Date: 12/26/2009
yo, on changin' to the vtec head, to me not worth it. plus, with a manual tranny and possible mods like a turbo; just stick with the non-vtec. goodluck with all that. hell, even with a complete bolt on turbo kit there's always some 'kussin' involved. peace..

Posted By: terrynfischer
Date: 11/24/2009
here you go havoc that was an awesome idea painted the bumper red with eyelids looks good ha

Posted By: terrynfischer
Date: 10/15/2009
no i hear that it is not worth it to much work for so little gain

Posted By: Romeomike76
Date: 10/13/2009
Nice ride. Are you changing to Vtec head?

Posted By: terrynfischer
Date: 09/17/2009
thanks havoc

Posted By: terrynfischer
Date: 09/17/2009
OK????? wow this guy is smart all of those mods he is talking about obviously help in their own way please tell me im not alone in this each one making the car run cleaner and smoother which means faster taz:

Posted By: Havoc
Date: 08/27/2009
Wicked civic, i think you should paint ur bumper red though. check out my 96.

Posted By: BrutalB83
Date: 06/06/2009
First of all, I don't remember making any negative comments to you, so I don't know why you're ragging on me. Second, some or your mods are retarded. What the hell do you need bigger injectors and an FPR for when your engine is pretty much stock? Let me answer that for you...you DON'T need them. They're not doing anything for you. And I'd skip the stage 2 clutch if I were you. Even with the cams you won't have enough power to warrant anything beyond a stage 1...

Posted By: chopped
Date: 05/08/2009
some engine you got...you dont even have pics of your hondas engine...so dont come doggin on my *****...i just got that car. soon it will have b18 in it. the guy who built it is an older man it was his company car. not a race car.

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 04/15/2009
30hp Gain for a mini-me???

lol they lied to you!

I don't have a Mini-Me.

My head is non Vtec.

oh, and remember, it's Vtec not Vtech.

I just swapped intake manifolds from a y8.

Here's what I did:


If you want to talk about it or other Car Stuff, post it on the Forum.

See you there.

Posted By: terrynfischer
Date: 03/10/2009
i was told the Y8 head would bolt on almost 30 HP to the wheels u think just an intake would do it for me was looking at u r mini me we have the same block so why no mini me like yours apperciate the info.just wanted V tech pretty much

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 03/07/2009
Are you putting Comments to your Own Ride??

I wouldn't waste Time or Money doing to Mini-Me. It will only give you like 7hp. Not worth it IMO.

Put the y7 Together.

Just Swap the Intake Manifold from a y8 and your Good to go.

Join the Forum. I have Pics on how to do that there.

Don't forget to Introduce yourself with more Pics.

Posted By: terrynfischer
Date: 03/02/2009
those headers are prety ugly ha

Posted By: terrynfischer
Date: 03/02/2009
my car looks best from behind lol