1996 Acura Integra GSR
Owner: CARBONDC2 (jayden3408)
Date Added: 03/28/2009
Date Updated: 03/31/2009
Ride Specs

1.8 doch v tech, headers, exhaust catback, intake, racing clutch,type r sway bar


99 seats, leather door panels and center counsel, type r cluster, detachable steering wheel


2000 front bumper,back bumper and taillights,carbon fiber hood,type r wing, type r front lip, hid's,


bronze rota circuit eights 15 inch


adjustable gas shocks, skunk 2 coilovers, asr rear stabilizer, slotted rotors, rsx calibers


sony radio

Future Mods

type r suspension

Posted By: 96ls
Date: 04/24/2009
thanks man.... yeah thats what alot of people tell me that it looks better wit the gold color.... thats a bad ass teg you got there im thinkin bout doing the 2000 conversion too....and cf hood is sick....

Posted By: U love my ef8
Date: 04/19/2009
sexy girl...beautiful car.

Posted By: delux_pak
Date: 04/12/2009
nice car!!!!

Posted By: FAC FG1
Date: 04/05/2009
haha naw man i'm just giving you my 2 cents if you can't handle my criticism than you should probably unregister from the site. i honestly don't even remember what i said, but i think it was something about not putting your car up for sale on the site. it clearly states not to do that sooo chill out and don't take it up the butt.

i'm sure alot more people would agree with me on that. as far as me being a hater tho.. that seems pretty out of line. right now the only one even hating is you. auto's are for girls? haha come on man that seems pretty childish. the reason for me even getting an auto was because the dealership had no manuel transmissions during the time and i needed a car asap due to the fact that i have a wrecked my old civic and needed a mode of transportation. i could honestly care less if its an auto or manny trans. oh and you right i couldn't afford an si, but what does that matter? this is my 1st real project and i rather start on something simple 1st.

and why are you so worried about me "hooking" my car up? if it honestly means that much to you than why don't you send me some funds to do so. sorry that i'm a grown man and have bills to pay and what not. i stated in my future mods i'm moving slowly, but surely. i'm not in a big rush i know what i want to do and i know its gonna get done so don't get your panties in a twist.

anyways nice teg and good luck with your mods. peace