2000 Honda Civic EX
Owner: Garrett (ej8civic)
Date Added: 04/17/2009
Date Updated: 04/17/2009
Ride Specs

Short ram, header, exhaust, cat delete


Pioneer fold out, gauge overlays, paint


Mugen lip, NT-1 wing, projector headlights, wings west rear bumper


16 Sportmaxx 002 red, hankook tires


Skunk 2 camber adjuster, sportline springs, ROJA strut bar


Eclipse 6x9's

Future Mods

SCCA Spec built

Posted By: chamique
Date: 05/12/2009
Got to see the insides dude...

Posted By: terrynfischer
Date: 04/28/2009
no engine pics?

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 04/27/2009
Your Civic looks good but the Tail Lights and that Big thing in the Back has to go. Maybe a Stock Rear Bumper with a Lip would look better all around. lol Don't mind me, I'm just voicing out my Opinion.

It looks cool with the White Rims but the Red Rims gives it a Better Taste.

Got any Engine Pics?

Let me know when you post them up.