2003 Honda Civic EX
Owner: d (albino pit)
Date Added: 05/23/2009
Date Updated: 06/13/2009
Ride Specs

Stock D17A2 block & head
AEM V2 intake
HKS Axel-back exhaust(thought i bought an actual cat-back BIG surprise!)
Centerforce Stage II Clutch Kit
Unorthodox Racing Lightweight flywheel
Unorthodox Racing Lightweight pulleys




Aftermarket spoiler, sideskirts, rear bumper, front fenders & front bumper




All stock


Kenwood deck, nothing fancy at all really

Future Mods

Needs a paint job!!! .. oh yeah and maybe new exhaust headers.. all the way back to the HKS exhaust. on the look out for a 10+ psi turbo kit. not much out on the market nowadayz 4 a d17... maybe a denzo kit

Posted By: alupinu1
Date: 09/22/2009
hey thanks for the compliment and a trunk tray is a rubber mat that fit the inside of your trunk that honda sell with "civic" embroided on it just honda also sells the all weather mats for the inside of your car too!!!

Posted By: Nambo
Date: 05/27/2009
go with the Eibach sportline kit, I have an 04 Civic. It's about an 1 1/2" drop and it's not so bad, depending on the road conditions of where you live. But yeah, if you really wanna get that k20 swap you might wanna stop on any engine mods. Becuz it will cost over $10K.

I would say get rid of the wing, but it's your car and your car is an expression of yourself. So if u wanna rock that wing then dammit rock it like it's the best thing since sliced bread lol. Good luck with any future mods dude.

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 05/25/2009
k20 swap with a Turbo kit? ummm, like $10 g's to make that happen lol

I would derice it and then paint it. Start by selling that wing.

Give it a Better up to date look.

I was going to say Lower it but it will Rip your Bodykit right off.....

Keep her Clean.

Good Luck!