1993 Honda Civic VEI
Owner: Tor E. Thorsteinsen (TETVTEC)
Date Added: 06/07/2009
Date Updated: 01/09/2011
Ride Specs

*NEW Engine*

Fully balanced , Blueprinted & Buildt by In Tec Motorsport (in-tec.no)
CP Pistons
GE Rods
Supertech Springs,
Supertech valves
Supertech Retainers
Supertech Block Girdle
ARP Studs (Head)
OEM Honda headgasket
D16Z6 Throttlebody
SKUNK 2 Intake Manifold
Megan Racing Adjust.Camgear
GATES Racing KEVLAR Timing Belt
NEW Stock D16 Drive Pulley/Balancer
Stg.3 Port&Polished Head by In-Tec Motorsport (In-tec.no)
MSD plugwires 8.5mm
MSD Blaster Coil
NGK Racing "8 sparkplugs
Modified Oilpump
OBX-R Turbomanifold
38mm WG w/1.75" Screamerpipe (Ebay)
T3/T4"China"Turbo (Ebay)
AEM Fuel Rail
AEM UEGO wideband controller
RC 750cc injectors
JDM SPORT Intercooler
Hondata S300
3Bar mapsensor
2,5" Exhaust (homemade)
2-5" Silencer w/ 3" "Dolphin-tail" tip!
Earls -10An & -6An Fitttings
Earls 10 row Oilcooler
Earls -10An oil-lines
Custom made Breathertank/catch
ACT Extreme Clutch HC5-XXG6 (6 Pad/sprung Disc)
Walbro 255 L/ph Fuelpump

E70 & E85 fuel...
(can only get E70 in the wintertime, from late November to April)

dyno: (11.15.2009) 11psi / 0.7bar 250whp/300Nm
Clutch gave up.. (the old one , not the ACT unit)
.9bars of boost.. and it slipped right away!!!

Dyno: (03.13.2010) @ 25psi it did 401.1whp/441Nm
Guess the new ACT unit did its job.. LOL :P
Ran out of Fuel.. (E70) Need bigger injectors....
But also needs new exhaust and DP, and Cam....
Later i add new turbo , Intercooler and
a Top Mount manifold..

03.26.2010 New dynonumbers:
447whp / 355ft/lb (482Nm) @ 25Psi






Stock 15" Honda steelrims (JAZZ)
195/50-15 rubber.. whatevericanfind LOL ;)


60mm Lowering springs
Urethane bushings (all)
FULL RACE Traction bar
Innovative Enginemounts
262mm rotors + Calippers in front (Euro Civic VTI)
97`Civic HB Rear Drums.. (Larger than the Vei/VX)

DSS stg. 2.9 Axles.... (475whp )


APEX`i AVC-R Boostcontroller !
AEM UEGO wideband

Future Mods

Other things to come.........

Garrett GT Turbine.. 600whp capable
Custom camshaft.. (stock these days...)
Top-Mount Manifold
44mm Tial Wg
1000cc/1200cc injectors (500+whp on E85 fuel)
Injector driver
3" Thermal R&D Exhaust
15" x 7.5-8" Black Steel Rims..
(custom width , adding 1.75-2.25" to the outer lip of the Rim, which is 5.5" stock width)
Street-legal slicks Toyo R888, Yokohama A048 or eqv.
Sparco seats
Sparco Steering Wheel
Short shifter
Adjustable dampers (koni etc.)
Willwood Big brakes or eqv.
Mabye alittle carbon....

Posted By: delux_pak
Date: 06/13/2009
nice *****n car!

Posted By: TETVTEC
Date: 06/12/2009
Hey.... Dont be fooled by the shiny pics..!! LOL

bought it last autumn for $800...

and have spent more than $5000 on it so far..

Its my Daily-beater.. to and from job..!

Need to take care of som rust in the rear

of the car , left an right fenders..(surprise..NOT!!)

She`s got more than 180 000 miles to her back...

so i cant really blame her either... LOL ;)

Posted By: jdmjim
Date: 06/10/2009
nice hatch man.