1996 Honda Accord LX
Owner: shawna becker (mt_honda_racer)
Date Added: 06/09/2009
Date Updated: 07/13/2009
Ride Specs

F22B2 2.2L (stock)
spectre air intake


leather racing style seat covers
steering wheel cover


carbon fiber tail lights
chrome dual exaust pipe




car was lowered when it was bought, other than that stock


JVC head unit with 6 1/2" Pioneer speakers in the front doors and 6"x9" Pioneer speakers in the back also have 2 12" Kicker Subs run by a 1000 watt Kicker Amp. Remote bass control

Future Mods

17" rims and tires
new paint, new seats
full engine dress up
cold air intake with a new exhaust system
under body lights
Current engine rebuild

Posted By: Ahh Cord
Date: 06/09/2009
Ahh I was trying to get that tail light but in a black housing for my Accord. nice ride but the wheels gotta go LOL I definately am not feeling those. and that chrome door stripes yeah I would take those off. Other than that looks great I cant wait to see how your going to turn your ride into. Check mineout if you can.