1994 Honda Accord EX
Owner: Nus Vang (nusdogg)
Date Added: 07/08/2010
Date Updated: 06/23/2011
Ride Specs

-JDM F20B T2T4 LSD 5spd trans
-Skunk2 Pro2 cams
-Skunk2 Pro Series valve springs + base kit
-Skunk2 Pro Series Cam Gears
-Skunk2 Retainers
-Skunk2 68mm TB
-LH Hasport Billet Aluminum Mount
-Hytech Rep Header w/ 2.5" collector
-2.5" Cat Converter
-Rosko thermal TB gasket
-Rosko EGR valve plate(delete)
-Rosko Euro R IM
-3" Short Ram Intake
-2.5" custom exhaust piping
-WS2 muffler


-JDM CD6 RPM gauge face(redline @ 7.4K rpm)
-JDM Armrest w/ Cup Holders
-Pspec Short Shifter
-Type R Knob(Replica)
-Dual Speakers(All Four)
-JDM style str Wheel


-Mugen Replica Spoiler
-EDM Rear Fog Light
-Mugen Grill(Replica)
-JDM Window Visors
-JDM Intersection Lights
-Xenon 12K HIDs
-JDM Black Housing Headlights
-OEM CF Hood w/ Hood Pins(Red)
-DIY Front Bumper Lights On
-Stock Taillights w/ Amber Lense Removed
-JDM Amber Front Bumper Lights
-JDM CD6 Clear Side Marker
-JDM OEM Yellow Foglights


-16" Sports Bronze Rota Circuit 8
-Kumho 205/50/R16


-Tein S Tech Springs
-Blue Tokico Shocks
-Front & Rear Strut Bars
-Tanabe Front & Rear Sway Bars
-DNA Gold Rear Lower Tie-Bar


-Pioneer Deck
-Dual speakers on all four

Future Mods

-Rotor Over Hub conversion
-Slotted Rotors
-SS Brake Lines

-DSM 450cc Blue Top Injectors
-Mahle 11.5:1 pistons
-ACL race bearings
-Eagle Rods

Hoping to hit 210-230whp tuned on a DynoJet after the bottomend rebuild next year.

I'm at 200whp/156wtq after I got my Hytech Rep header & 2.5" Hi-Flow cat installed & tuned. Before those two mods, it made 187whp. So I gain 13whp on those two mods which is decent gain IMO.

Posted By: cd6accrd
Date: 08/09/2010
Hmm..this accord looks familiar..haha! Looking clean bro!

Posted By: U love my ef8
Date: 07/21/2010
Cleanest accord bro.