1992 Honda Civic VTI (Euro)
Owner: Tor E. Thorsteinsen (TETVTEC)
Date Added: 01/09/2011
Date Updated: 10/03/2011
Ride Specs

B16A2 Longblock

CP pistons 9.0:1 cr
Eagle Rods w/Arp 200o bolts
ACL Beraings
ARP headstuds
China/Ebay turbo
XSP Turbomanifold (Ebay)
38mm TIAL WG
Custom CatchCan
Custom 3" downpipe + 1.75" WG-pipe(resirck)
99 Si Intake manifol
1200cc RC injectors
Honda Resistorbox
AEROMOTIVE STEALTH 340 l/ph fuelpump
Ractive Radiator half-size
Carbon Sparkplug cover
NGK 7 plugs
Hondata S300
3"Cat-back system Custom-made!
AEM light weight pulleys

ACT Extreme PressurePlate
ACT Heavyduty Disc (total 310+ ft/lb)

Street-tuned so far.. est. 290+whp @ 0.65bar
Take it to the dyno when i have 1000miles on the meter...
(swap out the Mineral-Oil... and go for 20+psi !!)


Custom painted ,same color as car! (Will be swapped!!!)
Isotta Vallelunga Steering Wheel
Ractive Seats front
Autometer Gauges
Misc. Ractive Knobs and stuff


OEM panels, fenders and so on..
Carbonfiber roof spoiler
Mugen Carbon Frontlip
APR formula3 mirrors (carbon fiber)
Xenon HID headlight kit
Custom headlamps , Black+Amber corners type!
Smoked Amber Sidemarkers (not in pic)


ROTA Slipstream 7.5x17 (last pics..)
NANKANG 205/40-17 (Chep-ass-rubber!!!)

Fondmetal 7x15 TRACK-WHEELS
TOYO R888 , 205/50-15


HR Coiloverkit...
MEGAN Racing LCA`s
Urethane bushings
APR Flex Control Bar
EURO VTI brakes..
262mm front Ractive slotted/drilled Rotors
240mm Rear Ractive slotted/drilled Rotors



Future Mods

Change the Style of the car.. Goin for JDM.... (Soon i`ll be 39 years old.. cant ride along in a "Ricer" Civic..!!) LOL ;O)
(10.01.2011 DONE!!!!) :P

Soon to come:

CF sideskirts (Seibon)
CF Hood "OEM style"

Black interior...
2 new seats..
TAKATA harness... (already bought)

medium P&P
Top-Mount manifold
New intake manifold
Garret GT turbine.. 3076 / 3040 or eqv.
Camshafts.. ITR or better...

Posted By: pata 078
Date: 03/25/2011
looks fresh! Love the whole set up. Have you ran in at a track?

Going stock would be better. Wow. That means you will need to get rid of the hood, 1pc headlights, bodykit!, tail lights, BIG exhaust tip and BIG rims! That almost feels like you're going to start all over again lol

Look at my Domani conversion. Tell me what you think.


Posted By: TETVTEC
Date: 03/22/2011
Hey... Better late than never...!? ;O)

The turbo-build is approx. 4years old... but not driven for many miles though... maybe 1500miles or so... never fully tuned.. so the previous owner just doodled around town with it... i bought it because he couldnt stand to see it just parked in the garage all the time... and he had also just bought a AE86 to drift with.. so i took it off his hands cheap... (REAL CHEAP!) :P

Lots of mods has been done to the kit/parts to make it fit.. bur mostly to the Intercooler and Piping... he didnt have all the piping.. so he made more of Stainless Steel piping , approx 50% of the piping was made of this...! The Turbo and Manifold fits quite well though...

From the last pics ive added.. you can see that i have done more to the engine and the Turbosetup... I have buildt several Turboengines for Civics.. so i wanted another look to it.. and a better function , not to mention endurance... make it hold togehter alittle longer than fourteen days...!! ;O)

Posted By: MState Honda
Date: 02/22/2011
It will look much better JDM, so good idea.

How long did you run with the Ebay set-up? Did it give you any fits or has it been working out pretty well? How much did you have to shape it or did it all line up out of the box?

Your imput is needed; I'm thinking of a cheap kit :/