Fri - January 20th, 2017
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2000 Honda Civic VTiR

Rob (roasty)
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Custom full exhaust system (stainless steel manderel bent)
Custom piping cold air induction box with air tight heat sheild. 
Black and grey seat coverings, grey dash, carbon fibre gear knob and hand brake, custom tailored floor mats, gunmetal grey coloured interior retrim. 
M3 wing mirrors (inc. indicator), smoothed indicators, tinted windows, slightly tinted tail lights, debadged, angel eye headlights. 
Vella 18x7.5 Shadow Chrome 
King Spings Super Lows 
Clarion TV Screen, MB Quart front Splits, 6x9 Kenwood speakers, Alpine Type R sub, 2xEclipse Amps, 1x Direct Audio Monoblock Amp 
Future Mods:
Clutch, short shift, change body kit, custom paint job, full retrim interior, light weight flywheel, complete re-work of suspension (eibach dampers), h-brace, adjustable camber kit. 

Ride blog not started.

Ride Comments


el pana

08/25/06 04:09pm
hey nice lokin cars love the color anr rims relly clean keep nice worck, check my 4dr later

03/06/06 02:52pm
nice looking! those rims and headlights are sick!

01/06/06 06:19pm
The skirts and rear lip are official Wings West, imported from the US (If you buy Wings West donít be fooled with fibre glass replicas, as mine are polyurethane plastic). The side skirts are from the Buddy club kit and the rear is the W-TYP rear skirt

The body kit was ordered in separate parts from companies advised in the back of those charva car mags, cant remember which ones, soz.

I live up the North East but normally pop down to the J.A.E. show in Northampton every year.

It would be good to meet up with other civic drivers, need a good Honda meet. Later.


01/03/06 09:25pm
Thanks for checking my ride out. Those 18" really set the look, what body kit you going for. All that your need is a rear splitter to lower the back end then it'll look really sweet. Later.

12/27/05 08:03am
very clean. man the back is dummmped. love the look of it though. keep up the good work. check out mine when u get a chance.

12/22/05 04:39am
nice civic looks tight check me out one day LATER!

10/17/05 01:58pm
Thanks for the comments bro, your ride looks awesome. I used to hate the 6th gens cuss everyone was gettin so d@mn ricey with em, but you managed to keep it clean, awesome... my brother has a 6th gen and hes a rice'oholic - haha, but hes slowly growin out of it. glad to see your keepin it clean bro, good work!

10/16/05 07:53am
Thanks for the comments!! Wow, that is some pretty crazy camber you got going on there. Mine is lowered to only about 1.9" or so, anything more than 2" is when camber really becomes a problem. No camber kits on my car though I did do the washer/shim trick thing to my rear suspension to fixe camber back there but nothing done to the front. It wouldn't say it has to do with the coilovers as much as the height I have it at. I had it put up on a rack for alignment when I got my current Hankook tires a couple months ago, and the shop owner who checked it out (both manually with a tape measure and then with the laser calibration computer system) asked if I adjust it at all myself because I had the alignment dead on within spec. I was amazed since I don't really know how to adjust my own alignment and had replaced parts that I was for sure would throw it off. He didn't want to charge me either since he didn't have to adjust anything.

Anywho thanks again and good luck on your car!!

10/15/05 06:36pm
oh, forgot to mention your rims look like the new Aston Martin V8 Vantage rims! nice!

10/15/05 06:33pm
i like the "M3" mirrors! the fact that Roasty has gone thru the effort of removing his front side panel indicators and fillin up the gaps has to say something about a persons attention to detail. i think its subtle but at the same time bold.

i don't think its a civic trying to be an M3 if thats what you're trying to refer to ekmatt9? its just M3 "styled" wing mirrors... wheres your ride anyway? i'm curious to see what it looks like?


10/15/05 06:16pm
what do u mean whats up with m3 mirrors?? They are phat. I mean i got rid of my side indicator and put it on the mirror how many people can tell u they have done that?? I feel its very european. Adds a bit of class. besides what would u rather have the stock honda mirrors which lets face it dont do much by way of looks or would u at least borrow an idea from one of the worlds top selling brands in the automotive world??

10/15/05 02:15am
What's up with every one and these "M3" mirrors, come on man ...

09/18/05 06:35am
Nice ride. hope to see some more pics soon, those rims look huge with it lowered

09/18/05 01:13am
nice car.whats the vti-r mean? the r i mean...please check mine

09/17/05 05:11pm
Phat ride!!! perfect! love my car though...