Fri - January 20th, 2017
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1993 Honda Civic

Joe (lllllyayolllll)
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SOHC VTEC, Cool air intake, Performance headers, Exhaust 
Pioneer Reciever, xplode speakers on doors, pioneers behind seats, 10" sub in trunk with amp 
Buddy club2 body kit, halo headlights ready to install, Smoke altezza taillights ready to install 
17" motegi racing rims... american racing casino rims ready to install 
Pioneer Reciever, xplode speakers on doors, pioneers behind seats, 10" sub in trunk with amp 
Future Mods:
Coilovers to drop... Bodywork, Paint, etc,... 

Ride blog not started.

Ride Comments


00' blu si

06/12/07 06:06am
kinda rice man.

04/09/07 01:51am
i like that there is no side molding on your car thats cool u need a carbon hood thad be tight

02/23/07 01:08am
yeah i dont blame you for wanna be different on the tail lights, i felt the same way when i got mine. i had my car since 1995 and when i got these tail lights no one out here had them now everyone has them.....but the tail lights yer gonna put are sick too..take pictures when u have everything on.....

02/22/07 04:09am
Yeah I plan on keeping my Teg mostly stock on the outside. I'm planning on a Mugen-style front lip and some nice rims eventually, but that will probably be all. Maybe a carbon fiber hood, but doubtful. I'd rather put my money into motor and suspension then body kits or whatnot. I'm not really big on flashy exteriors, I'd rather not draw attention to my ride and get jacked, plus it's just not my style.

Your ride is looking pretty sweet man. Have you ever thought of the half red/half white tail lights? I think they would look nice in your car. What color are you gonna paint it?

02/22/07 12:35am ... if u wanna get at me

02/16/07 08:57pm
headlights r cool and so is yer car. i wanna change my headlights to those ones to, but in my opinion u should put jdm tail lights the red and white ones.